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Small REAP Grants

In 2009, Resource Consultants,Inc. worked to secure funding for 22 businesses that invested $15,000-$200,000 in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. For more information on REAP grants and eligibility click here.

The following are some of the projects that received funding from the REAP program in 2009 through Resource Consultants:

Thomas Tucker, DMD, General Dentistry, Inc.

The office of Thomas Tucker supplements their energy usage with a 72 panel, 22,680 Watt solar array, equating to $2,133 in annual savings and producing 54% of their energy needs. The initial project cost was $178,200. Through Resource Consultants, the business was awarded $44,550 from the REAP program covering 25% of the project cost.

Pro Electric, Inc.

Pro Electric, Inc. received $19,500 from the REAP program for the installation of a 90 panel, 15,750 Watt solar array. This system can generate 20,790 kW per year, which displaces 71% of the business’s energy needs and translates into an annual savings of up to $1,559. The gross cost before incentives, tax credits and grant money was $78,000.

NewFlora, LLC

NewFlora, LLC was awarded $13,128 through REAP, covering 25% of their total project cost. A 36 panel, 7,560 Watt system was installed with the ability to generate 8,781kW hours per year. This translates into a potential annual savings of $658 and provides up to 60% of the business’s energy needs.

Wolf Gulch Farms, LLC

Wolf Gulch Farms, LLC received $30,928 of REAP funding for a $123,714 project with an installation of an 88 panel,16,720 Watt solar array. This system can generate 21,629 kW hours per year--enough power to save $1,622 annually and provide the farm with 99% of its energy needs.

Redband Resources, LLC (installation site The Ledge, Klamath Falls)

Redband Resources, LLC operated as the third party owner for the installation of this 96 panel,19,680 Watt system. As much as 23,120 kWh are produced annually, equal to a savings of $1,734 per year and supplying the business with 28% of its energy needs. The initial project cost of $144,600 was reduced by $20,000 through the REAP program.

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